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Amillennialism...sound biblical interpretation...or a theory of man?

I write these notes here for you to think through and gain insight and understanding concerning the Millennium.

Let's begin with the...


The key phrase here is No Future Millennium, but I will let Wayne Grudem give a fuller definition for us...

“According to this position, Revelation 20:1-10 describes the present church age.  This is an age in which Satan’s influence over the nations has been greatly reduced so that the gospel can be preached to the whole world.  Those who are said to be reigning with Christ for the thousand years are Christians who have died and are already reigning with Christ in heaven.  Christ’s reign in the Millennium, according to this view, is not a bodily reign here on earth, but rather the heavenly reign he spoke of when he said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me’ (Matthew 28:18).”  Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith p. 438,439


Amillennialism came about primarily in the fourth century with Augustine.  He spiritualized (gave whatever meaning he decided to) Revelation 20 to make it say what he thought it meant.

Origen (180-245) was perhaps the first to spiritualize or allegorize the passages in which the Millennium was taught.  He was not per say amillennial, but his thinking opened the door for Amillennialism.



According to this view, Revelation 20:1-10 describes the present church age...that we are living in the “Millennium” now.

  • This puts Revelation 20:1-10 in the present rather than the future.
  • There is a list of passages concerning the Millennium at the bottom of its hub page.  When you read them see if they describe the world we live in today, or if they describe a period yet to come.  You’ll see a time described as peaceful: the lion laying down with the lamb, the boy playing at the hole of the cobra, Christ physically reigning over all the earth.  Does this sound like today?
  • Does it fit with the rest of Scripture that Satan is now bound and not working in our world today? (See Job 1; Zechariah 3:1; Luke 22:31; Acts 5:3, 26:18; Romans 16:20; I Corinthians 5:5, 7:5; II Corinthians 2:11, 4:4, 11:14, 12:7; Ephesians 2:2, 6:10-18; I Thessalonians 2:18, 3:5; I Timothy 1:20; I Peter 5:8)  The biblical question first, and now the existential question (the Bible always comes before our personal experience): Does it seem to you that Satan is bound now and we’re living in a peaceful Millennium now where Christ is ruling with His saints?  See Revelation 20:2.
  • Is Satan deceiving the nations now?  See Revelation 20:3.
  • Have the martyrs been resurrected to rule with Christ now?  See Revelation 20:4.
  • You could go on and on comparing this system to the rest of Scripture and it is woefully errant and unbiblical.
  • In my book you'll also see that God does not set up this millennial kingdom until the days of the 10 kings over the revived Roman Empire – Daniel 2:44,45.  The days spoken of here in Daniel are yet to our future as you will see.


Amillennialism also purports that Christ’s reign is not here on earth but in heaven.  As you read the passages I have listed for you at the bottom of the millennial hub page, see what you think the Bible says about where the Millennium is located.

For example, in Revelation 19 Christ comes to earth with His followers and sets up His Kingdom; and chapter 20, which gives the timeframe for the Millennium, takes place on the earth as well. (See also Revelation 5:10 and Psalm 2:8)

Once you have an unbiblical idea or chronology, then you have to start “adjusting” a bunch of other Scriptures to fit your theory.  When you find other clear verses that contradict your main verses for your theory, then it is your theory that needs adjusting and not the clear Scriptures.

Remember this:

No major doctrine is based on one verse!

Nevertheless, people will take one verse and develop these marvelous theories, and they ignore a bunch of other contradicting verses.  That is not Bible study; that is looking for what you want it to say.

So-and-so is amillennial, so you put that framework over everything you read in Scripture.  Let the text speak for is perfect.


Amillennialism also holds that the “expression” “one thousand years” is simply a figure of speech symbolizing a long period of time in which God’s perfect plan is accomplished.

One thousand years is specifically stated six times in seven verses.  The resurrections, the judgment, the binding of Satan, the second death, are what surround these six statements of one thousand years.

If they are each literal, then there is no reason to take the one thousand years as not literal.  There is absolutely no indication of symbolism or a metaphor in this chapter.

When Jesus told a parable, the Word says, “Then He told them a parable...” or using other literary devices it is obvious when the Bible is not to be taken literally.  When Jesus said, “I am the door…” are we supposed to think He is a piece of wood?  No, that’s obvious.

When you compare this chapter with the rest of Scripture there seems to be no reason to mess with the one thousand years.  The amillennialist takes Satan’s binding in this passage literally (which is biblically accurate), but what from the text leads him to take the one thousand years non-literally?  Hmmm.


When you let God's Word speak for itself It demolishes the unbiblical opinions and theories of man.  Always make the Scriptures your primary source.  Then weigh Amillennialism against Its teaching.

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