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Benefits of Reading The End Times: What You Need to Know and Why

Concerning the End Times you will no longer be:

  • Confused
  • Insecure/apathetic/un or ill-informed
  • Overwhelmed
  • or Fearful

In fact when the End Times are brought up you will be:

  • Confident - You'll know what to look for next, and what is to follow.  You'll understand the key passages of Scripture concerning the End Times and be able to navigate them successfully.
  • Secure - You won't be swayed by popular opinion or fear tactics.  You will know what you believe and why.  You'll become an End Times myth buster yourself.
  • Prepared - You'll know what you need to be prepared for and that you are ready to face what is coming.  You will also be able to prepare your future generations.  We need to think further down the road than tomorrow...
  • Excited - The result of the three personal states above will be one of excitement concerning the End Times.  Not that it will be easy, but like Esther, you will know that you and your future generations were created for such a time as this.  You and your family will have the proper knowledge to be a brilliant light in a time of darkness..."well done, good and faithful servant."

The Scriptures will be the major influence on you...not man (me).  With each question addressed, the whole Scripture passage is laid out before you right in the text.  Then we ask questions of It and let It answer our questions.  This is the format of the book...ask the Bible questions...let the Bible answer those questions.  So, your confidence will be in the fact that you derived the answers right from the word of God instead of reading my thoughts with "supporting" Scriptures referenced or footnoted throughout the book.

Saving your most valuable commodity...time.  You agree that it is important to understand the End Times Chronology and to be prepared, but you don't have 18 months to study the Bible on this topic as I did.  I've put all the significant Scriptures, as they relate to the End Times Chronology, together for you in one place.

Sets the basis for a multigenerational vision concerning the End Times.

Key Features of The End Times: What You Need to Know and Why

Detailed table of contents by question for quick and easy access to a specific question you have or are asked.  As you read through this book mark it up and jot down notes.  Then put it on the shelf and whenever you have a question about the End Times Chronology you only have to go to one place for both the relevant Scriptures and your notes of explanation.  When friends ask, give them your biblically based answer and then encourage them to get a copy and do the same:-)

Empty End Times Chronology chart included for you to fill out as you go if you like.

All relevant Scriptures are printed right on the page for you, so you do not have to stop and look them up...most people don't, and I don't want you taking my word for it.

4 detailed application principles as to how understanding the End Times Chronology affects your life today and in the future.  These are illustrated through the life of a surprising biblical character.

Spiral bound...this raised my cost, but I found this binding to work best so that you can lay it flat or fold it in half on your lap to mark it up and jot down notes.

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