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The end times cast of characters...yes man's theories have also infiltrated these as well.  There are some significant myths that you need to bust concerning several of these figures...both the good guys and the bad.

The more accurate biblical information you have about these, the better you'll understand their role, authority, and what to expect from them  in the End Times.

Avoid a Mistake

Don't make the mistake that many do of ignoring the bad guys and only focusing on the good guys, "I don't talk or teach about Satan, the Antichrist, or the False Prophet because we shouldn't focus on them...I don't want to give them any airtime."

That sounds spiritual and nice, but there is a glaring problem with this idea...where do we get the information about these bad guys?

The Bible.

That means that God wrote about them...gave them "airtime".


So we could know about them.

God didn't put anything in His letter to us that we are to ignore, discard, or downplay.  Jesus spent a significant amount of His earthly time dealing with and teaching about the enemy.  Much of this was as an example for us and how we are to walk in victory over them.

Ignoring them only makes us more vulnerable to them.  Learn and apply what Jesus taught about them and leave it at that.

Also, teaching the biblical truths about them is not focusing on them.

Our focus is on Jesus Christ, and that includes what He taught.  He and the Father taught on all these guys.

If we didn't need to know anything about them then they wouldn't be in the Bible at all.

If He didn't ignore them, neither should we.

So, get a basic and accurate understanding of each of these characters, but keep your focus always on Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

The End Times Cast of Characters:

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