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First off, I want you to know that in The End Times Chronology Seminar there are no dates set for Christ's return.  I focus on what God has made clear in His Word.  I do not hang my theology on a verse or a Greek word in a verse.  In the seminar we will read through chapters of Scripture together so that everyone sees the context and the big picture.

Almost to a person, each one who has participated in the seminar has thanked me for speaking the truth from the Word and for making the chronology for the End Times understandable for them.  In fact several people have attended the seminar as many as four times, as their theology has been challenged from the Word and they realized the importance of lining up with Scripture.

Method of Research and Writing the End Times Chronology Seminar

It is important to me that you understand how I wrote this seminar.  For eighteen months I studied all the End Times passages in the Bible.  After extraneous note taking and chart making, I then read numerous other books on the End Times.  I read books from every perspective on the rapture, tribulation, and millennium.  I also participated in several Bible studies on the End Times/Daniel/Revelation.  My time in all these other resources was six months.  By structuring my study this way I ensured that the Word of God was the original and primary influence on my thinking.  To focus the scope of this teaching I then decided to teach the basic End Times chronology which was clear in God's Word.  In relation to this, I then gathered the most oft asked questions concerning the End Times chronology and constructed the outline of this seminar to answer those questions.  Around these questions I teach what God intends for us to know and understand concerning the End Times.

The Purpose of the End Times Chronology Seminar

That each participant will:

  1. Begin to gain insight and understanding concerning what God has told us about the End Times in His Word, and apply that knowledge by getting ready in holiness for that day.
  2. Gain a proper perspective of preparedness and zealous anticipation concerning the return of our King of kings and Lord of lords, our Savior, Jesus the Christ.
  3. Know and understand the general chronology for the major End Times events as revealed in God's Word.
  4. Understand biblical answers to popular End Times myths.  This is the “myth busters” portion of the seminar.

Summary of Questions Answered in the End Times Chronology Seminar

Session 1—The Tribulation

  • When is the Tribulation, what inaugurates it, and what precedes it?
  • How long will the Tribulation last?
  • What happens in the Tribulation?
  • Who are the key figures of the Tribulation?
  • Where will the church be during the Tribulation?
  • What’s the difference between the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation?
  • What is the Tribulation?

Session 2—The Rapture

  • We are commanded to watch and know the timing
  • Three Views of the Rapture
  • When will the Rapture take place? 
  • What does the Rapture look like and how does it happen?
  • An important point...that there is a difference between tribulation and wrath

Session 3—The Parousia (Second Coming)

  • When does the Parousia (Second Coming) occur?
  • How long of a gap between the Rapture and the Parousia?
  • What is going on between the Rapture and Parousia?
  • Where is the church when the Parousia occurs?
  • How does the Parousia happen...what does it look like?
  • What happens when the Parousia occurs, when Christ comes again?
  • What happens on the Day of the Lord?

Session 4—The Millennium and Beyond

  • Five different millennial positions…which one is biblical?
  • What Happens When the Millennium is Over?

End Times Chronology

Each participant completes an 8½x14 End Times Chronology as the events are clearly seen in the Word.  This chart helps the participants see what they should be “watching” for in the future, and it gives them a clear picture of the whole chronology which they take home with them free of charge.


  • The seminar is four hours in length including a couple of breaks.
  • Each participant will receive nine pages of an outline for note taking and the writing down of questions to be asked at the breaks and after the seminar.
  • I will progress through more than 150 PowerPoint slides as a teaching aid.
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to purchase my book, The End Times: What You Need to Know and Why, which walks them through all the Scriptures I go through in the seminar plus much more information and exciting finds that I don't have time to cover.  The book also highlights the importance of a multigenerational vision in the End Times and the application points for today.
  • They will also be able to purchase a laminated End Times Chronology that they worked on throughout the seminar if they desire.
  • A laminated Chapters in Revelation Chart will also be available.
  • I will also have a basket on the resource table for a love offering.

More Information Concerning the End Times Chronology Seminar

If you would like to have this seminar brought to your church you can have one of your church leaders view these pages, or you can print them out and give them to him/her.

Overwhelmed by all the theories about the End Times?  Whose end times prophecy is right?

Are the books of Daniel and Revelation confusing to you?

Having trouble keeping up with all the current world news that might pertain to the Last Days?

Understanding the End Times Chronology which God gave us will solve each of these problems for you.  It took me over 2 years to solve these problems for myself and my family.  Now you can do it in the time it takes to read this book - The End Times: What You Need to Know and Why

To journey through the key end times prophecy Scriptures in detail (such as in Daniel and Revelation) and diagram the entire End Times Chronology purchase a resource or host a seminar.

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