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Many often overlook this aspect of preparing for the End Times.  We think of preparing spiritually and physically but often neglect the emotional component.

So, here I want to put emotional preparedness on your radar.  We don't want to be emotionally unstable when the end of the world as we know it comes.

As I have said elsewhere on this site, it is a whole new reality once you realize that God wants His church to be present on the earth through the Tribulation to be a light in that dark time.

If we prepare for those days by thinking we will escape them, then we are in for a very rude awakening...I don't want this to happen to you or your family.

There are three critical steps in being prepared emotionally for the Last Days:

1. Know the End Times Chronology

The key here is not so much finding a secret in the Bible, but actually knowing what the Bible says about the events of the Last Days.

If you are surprised by significant events on this chronology which He told us about in His Word, then you won't be emotionally prepared for those events.  Your head will be spinning and you'll feel confused, insecure, overwhelmed, and fearful.  Not a good emotional state to be in during those days.

This is why I wrote the book The End Times: What You Need to Know and Why and teach the End Times Chronology Seminar.  So we can navigate the Last Days successfully while being: confident, secure, prepared, and even excited to be a light in a dark time.

So, the first key for emotional stability in the Last Days is:

Don't be surprised...know the Chronology of future events

2. Solidify the Proper Mindset

The first 3 chapters of my book and chapter 9 will lead you into the right mindset, so I won't go into detail here.

Those chapters are entitled:

  • Chapter 1: Fight the Good Fight
  • Chapter 2: Beware of Babylonian Captivity
  • Chapter 3: Welcome to the End Times...Watch and Be Ready
  • Chapter 9: Living in Light of the Second Coming

In chapter 9 I walk you through four application principles of living in light of the Second Coming.  Then I illustrate those through an unlikely Old Testament character with huge implications for life now and in the end of the age.

So, I would encourage you to take the time to build the proper mindset as we prepare for the end of days.  Because even if you know what is coming (#1 above), but you don't have the right mindset your knowledge won't do you as much good as it should.

The 4 application principles are critically important to understand if we want to navigate the His future plan successfully.

So, the second key for emotional stability in the Last Days is:

Don't be confused...gain the proper mindset

3. Conquer Fear

Fear concerning the end of the world is conquered by the power of the Holy Spirit through the knowledge of #1 above and the mindset of #2 above.

When you know what to look for next and are prepared for it, and you have the proper mindset, then you can navigate whatever the future holds from a point of security and confidence.

This doesn't mean it will be easy, but you'll be a much brighter light if you are not fearful, confused, and insecure like those around you.

So, the third key for emotional stability in the Last Days is:

Don't be overwhelmed...conquer fear

I've just touched these 3 crucial points of how to prepare for the Last Days here, but if you take the time to read my book you won't be:'ll know the End Times Chronology'll gain the proper mindset'll conquer the fear of the Last Days

Overwhelmed by all the theories about the End Times?  Whose end times prophecy is right?

Are the books of Daniel and Revelation confusing to you?

Having trouble keeping up with all the current world news that might pertain to the Last Days?

Understanding the End Times Chronology which God gave us will solve each of these problems for you.  It took me over 2 years to solve these problems for myself and my family.  Now you can do it in the time it takes to read this book - The End Times: What You Need to Know and Why

To journey through the key end times prophecy Scriptures in detail (such as in Daniel and Revelation) and diagram the entire End Times Chronology purchase a resource or host a seminar.

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