What is It and Why is It Important?

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What is It?

Going back to the original Greek language, eschatology broadly and literally means "the study of last things".

For us, specifically it means the biblical study of End Times or last days theology.  Even more specifically to this site, book, and seminar it means the study of the End Times Chronology.

As you can see on these pages, there are various views on nearly every End Times topic.  So the word biblical above means that I'm only looking to the Bible as my source.

I view the Bible as the authoritative Word of God which has no error in it as originally given.  It is not only the history Book of the universe, but it is also the prophetic Book of the future.

Alternate views come into play for various reasons (some intentional and some not):

  • Personal preferences read into the text
  • Emotions leading our study instead of the Spirit
  • Bad theology in one area can bleed into other areas
  • Twisting the Scriptures to suit ourselves, our comfort zones, or our situation
  • Accepting what others say or teach without studying it for ourselves as well
  • Betting on popular opinion instead of personal study
  • Basing theology on experience or assumptions
  • Etc, etc

Why is the study of the End of Days Important?

In general, God has not spoken anything in His Word that is not important.  He has not spoken one word that He might hear Himself speak!  Every word is precious and personal.

The end of days, or last days, are discussed heavily in both the Old and New Testaments.  There are over 200 chapters in the Bible that deal with the End Times.  Do you think He thought it was important to give us all those End Times Prophecies?

For a more detailed understanding of why it is important to have an accurate understanding of eschatology see Why is it Important to Know and Discern the End Times Chronology?

In order for me, my family, and my church to successfully navigate the End Times it is essential that we accurately understand what God has communicated in His Word to us concerning the last days.

Only one thing must be
man's theories!

There is so much bad theology concerning the last days and so many are accepting it without discerning it for themselves from the Word.  This can have disastrous affects.

This is why I want to guide you through your own study of the End Times Prophecies in the Scriptures.  We can't go through all of the 200+ chapters in the Bible concerning this crucial topic and that is why I titled my book The End Times: What You Need to Know and Why.  It guides you through the critical End Times Chronology so that you can walk confidently and securely in and through the End Times... 

Overwhelmed by all the theories about the End Times?  Whose end times prophecy is right?

Are the books of Daniel and Revelation confusing to you?

Having trouble keeping up with all the current world news that might pertain to the Last Days?

Understanding the End Times Chronology which God gave us will solve each of these problems for you.  It took me over 2 years to solve these problems for myself and my family.  Now you can do it in the time it takes to read this book - The End Times: What You Need to Know and Why

To journey through the key end times prophecy Scriptures in detail (such as in Daniel and Revelation) and diagram the entire End Times Chronology purchase a resource or host a seminar.

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