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Heaven and Hell are directly related to the End Times.  Although they are not a specific event within the Last Days, they are the final destiny of every person on earth.

Once the End Times Chronology is completed, every soul will spend eternity in one of these two places.  Therefore, I think it might be in our best interest to give these two places some thought.

Art by pat Marvenko Smith, © 1992.  To order prints visit http://revelationillustrated.com

After all, when you think about the span of our lives, 100 years is not very long in comparison with eternity.

Below, are listed a number of questions concerning both Heaven and hell which you can click on to find the answers from the primary source...the Bible.  (These are currently under construction.)

People's opinions on this topic are usually based on their feelings..."A loving God couldn't make such a thing as hell."  Whether this is true or not (see below) this opinion is based on feeling.

When we base beliefs on our perspective of right and wrong or our feelings error is just about guaranteed, and there are always consequences.

Thus it is important that your answers be from God's Word (after all, He is the One who created them).  Do not base your beliefs on what man (including myself) says, but only on the Scriptures.  I want to show you the answers to these questions in the Bible.

Q&A About Heaven and Hell
(Under construction)

  • Where do Christians go when they die?  (I bet the answer will surprise you!)
  • Where do non-Christians go when they die?
  • Are they both eternal?
  • Are there different levels (gradations) within Heaven?
  • Are there different levels (gradations) within hell?
  • Why do some people go to Heaven and others go to hell?
  • Is there an intermediate state?
  • Are there any other options?
  • What will people be doing in Heaven?
  • What will people be doing in hell?
  • Where are they anyway?
  • Why would a loving God make such a place as hell?
  • Who decides where we spend eternity anyway? (I know this answer will surprise you!)
  • How can I make sure I will go to Heaven when I die and not hell?

If you have other questions about Heaven or hell that are not covered here please ask, and I'll reply to you personally or I will add it to the list of questions above.

Art by pat Marvenko Smith, © 1992.  To order prints visit http://revelationillustrated.com

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