Can We Know the Timing?

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So many people have claimed to know the timing of the Rapture:

  • 88 reasons the Rapture will occur in 1988!
  • The Rapture will occur at the end of the millennium (Y2K)!
  • The end of the world is in 2012
  • Etc., etc.

Do you remember these and many more?

I paused to begin this way being suspicious that you might tune out at the first line.  But I'll take the risk to make my point.  When the Rapture would occur has been an abused topic.

So, before you read what I have to say here please know that I am not trying to predict a date for the Rapture.

I am, however, trying to learn everything we can about it from the end times prophecies in the Bible.  Please keep this in mind as you read below.

So I ask again...

Can we know the timing of the Rapture?

God wants us to be alert and know the chronology of the End Times. We’ll not know a specific date, but we are to discern the times.  That’s the message of the parable of the fig tree (Mathew 24:32-35; Mark 13:28-32; Luke 21:29-33) and Jesus difficult words to the religious leaders of His day.

We can also see this in Noah’s story.  Noah generally knew the timing of the flood.  He didn’t have a date, but as God led him in the building process and the animals started coming, he knew it wasn’t far away, and he was preparing.  The pagan people were completely surprised by the flood, but Noah was not.

Here is an obvious question: If the Rapture is secret, how are we to watch for it?  Why would Christ stress repeatedly to watch for something we won’t know happened until it already did?

You might raise an objection at this point and say, yes, but most of those “Watch, Be Alert, and Be Ready” passages said they wouldn’t know when Christ would come.  That's a good objection.  A basic knowledge of the word “know” will give you some clarity here.

"Know" in the New Testament

There are at least eleven different Greek terms translated into the English word “know”.

The Greek word oida means “to know” in the present tense with the present meaning and suggests fullness of meaning.  When Christ used the negative with oida, “you do not know” He indicated—not knowing at the specific time when spoken.  The usage does not indicate—not being able to know, shouldn’t know, couldn’t know, wouldn’t know, nor can’t know!

There are eight times recorded in Scripture that Christ used a term equivalent to “you oida (know) not”, when the knowledge did become known at a later time: Matthew 20:22, Mark 4:13, 10:38, Luke 9:55, John 4:32, 8:55, 13:7, 15:15.


No one will ever know the timing of the Rapture

Find the fuller myth buster in chapter 5 of my book.

As an example, in John 13:7 when Jesus washes Peter’s feet (and Peter didn’t want Him to) Jesus said, “...what I do you do not realize [literally know-oida] now, but you will understand [literally know-ginosko] hereafter.”  The Greek for realize is oida.  Jesus is saying you don’t know now Peter, but you will know later.  The Greek for understand is another word that means know, ginosko—you will come to know fully.

Do you get it?  All those verses under “Watch, Be Ready, and Be Alert” used oida for “know” in the phrases “you do not know”.  You do not know at this time, but you will know is the idea in each of these.

We’ll be able to know, when the chronology begins, if we have studied and sought insight and understanding now.  You don’t want to be ignorant of this chronology when these events start unfolding...many will fall away.

The point is that we do not know  a specific date for the Rapture now, but those alive then can know...if they gain insight and understanding concerning the End Times.

In fact according to the End Times Chronology laid out in Scripture we'll be able to know the specific timing of the Rapture between 7 and 8 years before it happens.

I know this may seem heretical, but study the End Times Chronology and it will become very clear from the Scriptures.

For the last time...

Can we know the timing of the Rapture?  Not now.  But we can know once we see the End Times Chronology begin to unfold more fully as God has laid it out in His Word.

You can also know the timing for the other major events on the End Times Chronology.

Overwhelmed by all the theories about the End Times?  Whose end times prophecy is right?

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