The Tribulation...
It's NOT all Doom and Gloom!

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Please be aware, teaching about the Tribulation is not necessarily spreading doom and gloom.  It is a biblical subject just as the cross is.  We must determine its accurate teaching from the Word.  In fact, the church's times of greatest light have often been in the midst of (or because of) her greatest trials.

Many ideas, theories and perspectives concerning the End Times have been popularized today through books and movies.  I hope we can agree that the popularity of an idea does not necessarily mean it is true...even when it comes to the church.

So let's start by putting this in context by remembering...

Romans 8:28

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Whatever we find this seemingly tumultuous time to be, we know for certain that God will work it together for the good for those who love Him.  So, whether we believe we will be on earth or in heaven during this difficult time, we can know that it is not a great evil that God is absent from.  He will be present and active working it together for good.

It is a mysterious, yet obviously necessary, part of God's great plan for this world since the fall of man.  My (and your) opinions and feelings about it are not primary here.  God didn't seek my counsel when creating His vast eternal plan!

It is my privilege and joy to:

  1. Discover His plan
  2. Align my life to that plan
  3. Give others insight and understanding concerning that plan

Tribulation vs. Wrath

We must look at this subject through biblical glasses to arrive at the truths concerning it.  First, we must distinguish this from wrath.  They are not synonyms!

When I listen to people talk or write about this, one of the most common statements is, "God wouldn't put us through such a difficult time.  We will not undergo His wrath."

Set aside the issue of truth in that statement for a moment and observe its starting point.  Isn't its starting point that person's feelings about what God would or would not do?  This is the wrong starting point.

We must start from the Word of God on every issue, and let it inform our hearts of its truth.  Then we must decide to conform our thinking to that truth.  Otherwise we read whatever we feel/think into the Bible and leave out whatever we don't like.


As I turned to God's Word to learn about this emotional topic, I went with a few questions.  I list their links here as you might have these questions as well...

  1. When is it going to happen, what precedes it, and what inaugurates it?
  2. How long will it last?  Most believe 7 that what God's Word teaches?  Myth Buster included here...
  3. Who are the key figures in that time?  Visit The End Times Cast of Characters and learn about each one.
  4. What happens in it?  Let the Bible speak for Itself.  Revelation 13 is the main Scripture passage here.  I've tried to add some helpful comments for you, but focus on what the Bible says.
  5. Where will the church be during it?  Will I go through it?  That all depends on when the Rapture occurs...
  6. What's the difference between the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation?

Share Your Amens, Surprises, or Disagreements Concerning the Tribulation...

As you thought through the previous 6 points concerning the Tribulation did any of them upset you, surprise you, or cause an amen to rise up within you? If so, please share which point did it and why you had that reaction...

Enter the title for your reaction to one or more of the above 6 points concerning the Tribulation (ex. "I Disagree with Point #2")

Key Scriptures...

Click on each Scripture to read it and my comments.

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Please note - I had several of my own myths busted concerning this topic as I studied the end times Scriptures for those eighteen months!

The Tribulation is the period of time in which the Antichrist will have authority given to him to blaspheme God and persecute the saints.  This period will culminate with the Abomination of Desolation.

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