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Obviously on this End Times site I do most of the talking.  But when I teach I like to include a lot of participation from the audience.  Thus I have created this "Visitors' Views" page.

Here you can share which views you think are the biblically correct ones on all the hot topics (Tribulation, Rapture, Millennium, etc.) as well as what, in your opinion, is the best book and movie out there on the subject.

There are also other topics that you'll be able to share on listed below.

The more people share the more we can learn from each other.

You will also find links to all the surveys/polls/quizzes on this site.  With these you can see how your views match up with other visitors' views and the biblical view.

Ready to Share YOUR Views?!

Click here to skip right down to the table of links to share any or all of your views!

But remember, this is not a democracy...the majority does not necessarily rule.  The Bible is the supreme authority here and trumps all my (our) theories and opinions.

When you share one of your views it actually becomes a page on this site!  It will be displayed just as my pages are.  Other visitors will then be able to rate and comment on your views.

Likewise, you'll be able to rate and comment on other visitors' views.

As you do so, honor and humility are to guide each entry.

That being said, healthy debates are appropriate here.  I enjoy a good debate...if I didn't I wouldn't take questions at my seminars and put up a site like this.  But it can all be done with honor and humility.

I'm not an ivory tower theologian.  I have witnessed to (and sometimes debated) hundreds of people on the street.  Not even once has the person I approached walked away offended.

I always treat them with honor and humility, even as I tear down their worldview and introduce Christ to them.  My goal is to influence them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here I assume I'm talking with Christians, but all are welcome.  If you are a Christian, my goal shifts a little to influence your end of days theology to make sure it is biblical.

That said, we can agree to disagree, and you can refer others to the truths on various pages of this site (since they are the correct views...see, the debater in me is coming out already:-).

So get in there and let your views be known and why you believe yours to be the correct biblical views.  Try to get others to see the error of our ways.

I'm giving you a stage to influence all the visitors to this site.  Encourage your family and friends to do the same.  The more the merrier!

Enjoy...and thank your for your time.  I do appreciate it.

Share Your Views Concerning the End Times:

  1. Click on the links and you will be taken directly to the form to fill out on the appropriate page.
  2. You can view my teaching/thoughts on that subject by scrolling up and down that same page.
  3. Then use your back button to come back here and share another view!
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  • Which Rapture Position Do You Believe is Right?
  • Which View of the Millennium is Correct?
  • What Do You Think is the BEST End Times Book and/or Movie Out There?


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